The Process

Brand identity is a team effort. 

Through my time working with my employers and singular companies alike, the process of reworking a brand* and how your target audience perceives you is the same. I take the resources given to me and work with leadership to look at key points in the process of where opportunities can align. This gives us a look at what our positioning is and where we want to take the brand.

Since the process is collaborative, there is careful planning with leadership to set up a timeline with clearly defined goals and milestones. These are touched upon in intervals established prior to help meet these goals and stay on target.


Marketing is the process of gaining customers, Branding is the effort to gain and keep those customers


Case Study  

TouchMate has been around for decades, and our team felt as though it was time to develop a fresh look while keeping our iconic logo. I was able to form a team, including leadership, that took on this challenge of creating an updated identity that will carry the company into the existing spaces we operate in along with the future markets we could expand to. 

Objective: Branding, Marketing, Web Design

The main focus of this Objective is to develop a refreshed brand identity while keeping the main logo mark the same. 

Research & Discovery

Statistic Guidance

Great identity and perception is based on knowledge of the space you operate in. Analyzing statistics that come from industry knowledge, customer feedback, and identity research provided us with the groundwork to establish where you should take our branding efforts.

- Identity

- Web

- Events

- Customer Satisfaction


After our research, we evaluated who we are as a company. What are our current values? Do they align with our future? Creating and rearranging these touchpoints furthered our focus in branding efforts and started to further point us in the right direction.


Brand Analysis 

Identifying our key characteristics and goals made our efforts clear and more focused. We looked internally to see what had worked in the past along with looking at the industry and seeing what the trends were while keeping into consideration what feeling and imagery we wanted to evoke as a company. 


Identity Concepting 

With all your research and discovery in the depths of your brain, you can now look to developing and conception your new look. Let the research guide your hypothetical pencil on your piece of paper. This is always the best part! 



Graphic Designer and            Art Director 

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